ScreenRacer Stockcar Series ScreenSaver

ScreenRacer Stockcar Series ScreenSaver

This is the full release of ScreenRacer. It includes 60 different...

This is the full release of ScreenRacer. It includes 60 different race cars, fighting it out on 10 different race tracks! This screensaver also features the NASCAR announcers Jeff Hammond and Kenny Wallace.

This 3D racing screensaver uses Direct X 9. 1 technology to render beautiful track locations, and just like other version of ScreenRacer, each race is unique because we utilize a complex racing AI system to keep you on the edge of your seat!

You can adjust the settings in ScreenRacer to select only the cars and tracks you wish to run, or run it to it's fullest, racing each car and track in order, or randomly.

Included over 150 audio clips from Jeff Hammond and Kenny Wallace. This version is licensed by Factory Five Racing and the National Auto Sport Association.

Enable/Disable all sounds, if you want to run the screensaver silent. Scalable settings allow users with slower computers to run the program, while fast computer can push the graphics.

*Supports resolution up to 1600x1200. Comes with 10 race tracks, 60 Race cars! 5X more them the other basic versions! You can run up to 12 race cars per race.

Random car and track selection.

ScreenRacer Stockcar Series ScreenSaver


ScreenRacer Stockcar Series ScreenSaver

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